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Player Information
Name: Athena
Personal Journal: daathic
Contact Info: roningal at yahoo dot com (e-mail), Untold Ideas (AIM), journeymancrystal (Plurk)

Character Information
Name: Minato Arisato
Canon or Original: Canon - Persona 3
Played-By: N/A
Age: 17
Keyblade Wielder, Blackblood, or Other: Keyblade Wielder - Student (potentially an Apprentice, based on mods' discretion?)
History: The Persona 3 protagonist's profile at SMT Wiki

The large portion of AU information takes place in The Answer, the follow-up to the main storyline, played through Aigis' perspective. At the end of the main storyline, Minato sacrifices himself to stop the end of the world, becoming the seal that blocks Erebus, the manifestation of people's grief and suffering, from reaching out to Nyx, who can bring about the end of the world.

Within the history for United Worlds, Erebus is the manifestation of people's darkness in Minato's world, trying to reach out to Nyx, who has access to the heart of Minato's world and may "end" the world if the balance of light and darkness is disturbed. Instead of an outright sacrifice, Minato's willingness to put his soul on the line earns him the intervention of a Keyblade Master, who tells him of his potential and presents him with the opportunity to keep other worlds from befalling the same fate his own would have gone through -- if he completes his training.

Minato accepts, and the Keyblade Master locks away the heart of Minato's world, which will keep Erebus' darkness from reaching the heart of the world for now. Minato said his goodbyes to his friends on graduation day, and since then, Minato has been training.

Because Minato is a silent protagonist, the majority of his personality is decided upon by the player; even the manga doesn’t provide a lot of personality. What is blatantly known about the protagonist is that he walks around with his hands in his pockets and is rarely seen without his mp3 player or headphones. Most, if not all, of his Social Links involve Minato eating at various places to appease his friends; the manga exaggerates this into saying that Minato likes to eat and can eat a lot without putting on any extra weight. Because of his many activities in the daytime and Dark Hour, Minato can also suffer from fatigue or illness if the player doesn’t carefully balance everything; from this, the manga exaggerates that Minato almost constantly looks tired or bored. I will make use of these manga quirks in my interpretation of Minato.

Minato is a likable, if quiet, guy who prefers to observe and listen over playing an active role in conversations. He oftentimes eavesdrops or overhears rumors at school, which is how he comes into a lot of his information outside of SEES. He empathizes with his acquaintances and is found to be easy to confide in, perhaps because of his quiet nature. He is also intelligent, doing well in school; how well is completely dependent on how the player answers exam questions, but the manga places him at above average intelligence, but by no means at his ‘Genius’ Academics peak. He is athletic, participating in sports in school; the player may choose between swimming, track, and kendo -- all of which Minato can excel in. He is talented, participating in school culture clubs; in music club, he shows a preference towards the violin. Within SEES., he is cool-headed and decisive while under pressure, making him a well-rounded leader on the battlefield. These natural abilities, along with Minato’s seemingly unique skill to use multiple Personas, earn him respect and lead to him sometimes being called “Mr. Perfect” (especially by Junpei, who seems to resent this aspect of Minato for a good portion of the game).

He doesn’t fall into depression easily; in fact, he is more often than not the one comforting others, especially with the tragedies that befall his friends. He is more expressive around people he knows well, as well as more likely to participate in conversation. Around people he doesn’t know well, he may appear detached or reserved, especially if he gets a bad vibe from them. Minato isn’t passive aggressive … or aggressive in any way; he doesn’t react with explosive anger under any shown circumstances, even when death is involved. He takes shocking news in silence and may withdraw into himself to contemplate, but he won’t completely shut out his friends during these times; he understands the support that friends offer, and will still talk to them, even if he won’t share his feelings as others do for him.

Abilities: Minato is a Persona-user, meaning that he has a special potential or awareness that allows him to draw out his inner power and manifest it into a physical being. Like the other Persona-users introduced in the Persona series, Minato uses his Persona to aid him in battle with both physical and magical attacks. Unlike most Persona-users, he possesses the “power of the wildcard,” potential as open and varied as “zero”; he can summon multiple Personas from the sea of his soul, using their strengths and weaknesses to his advantage by switching between them in the heat of battle. He has access to virtually all of the skills in the game from his array of Personas, though each Persona can only remember eight skills; all others learned must either be forgotten or replace a known skill. His ability to have multiple Personas gives him the unique opportunity to also combine Personas’ powers, though the cases of this happening are few and far in between.

Since Minato’s Persona abilities depend on which Persona he is using at the time, he may be more physically or magically inclined at different points in a battle. He may also be more susceptible or more resistant to different elements depending on which Persona has on reserve. For example, Minato’s default Persona is Orpheus, who has no natural resistances and is weak against electricity and dark attacks. If he switches to Nekomata, his weaknesses from Orpheus disappear and are replaced by Nekomata’s resistance against fire. This information will be mapped out somewhere for each Persona he has, if it becomes necessary. Like most of the other Persona-users in Persona 3, Minato requires an Evoker--a tool that resembles a gun--to summon his Personas. As such, not having an Evoker will hamper Minato’s ability to use any of the skills his Personas have. However, he will still have the strength and speed enhancements provided by his Personas, as well as their weaknesses and resistances.

It should be noted that Minato can only ‘carry’ twelve Personas within him at any given time. He can only bring in other Personas from the Velvet Room, where Elizabeth keeps a compendium with all of his known Personas. He can dismiss all but one of his Personas at any time.

Minato has an unnatural connection to the thirteenth Arcana Shadow, Death. It is vaguely hinted in the game that Death’s presence in Minato’s mind for the majority of his life helped manifest the power of the wildcard; perhaps the most graphic example of this hint is the way that the visage of Death (Thanatos) claws out of Orpheus when Minato first summons his Persona. Further proof of Minato’s connection with Death is in his ultimate Persona, Messiah: Messiah shares the face of Orpheus (and thus Minato, since Orpheus’ face looks strikingly like Minato’s) and has Thanatos’ string of coffins chained to his left arm. Messiah is formed by fusing Orpheus and Thanatos together.

Again, all of the above powers are only accessible if Minato has an Evoker at his disposal. As a potential Keyblade wielder, he may not have it available.

Already fairly skilled with fighting due to the events in his world, Minato has taken well to his training -- though he is still getting used to the gravity-defying feats he's seen other Keyblade wielders capable of performing. His experience with his Personas has led him down a path of stronger magic proficiency, and he focuses much more on mastering these new forms of magic than his physical strength and speed.

Skills: The gameplay of Persona 3 allows the protagonist the flexibility to use different weapons; he is shown using one and two-handed swords, gloves/gauntlets, bows, spears, and axes with good proficiency. The manga and The Answer (from Persona 3: FES) both show the protagonist mainly using a one-handed sword, while the original game has the protagonist’s first weapon as a shortsword. I will be using these references for the basis that Minato prefers using a one-handed sword and fights primarily with one throughout the storyline.

The music culture club also shows the protagonist playing a violin. So Minato can play the violin fairly well, but is by no means a virtuoso.

He can also swim quite well, as shown in one of the sports club options.

Coming from a world with computers and other electronic devices, Minato is somewhat learned with computers. He at least knows enough to follow on-screen directions and install games/programs.

Physical: Minato is somewhat short and slight for his age. Though he has great stamina and endurance, he is still small and will take quite a beating against physically stronger foes. He is also only average in overall speed; while his reflexes are good and he can feint and dodge when necessary, he won't be outrunning most people he encounters.

Pertaining to his training, he has been reluctant with learning some of the more acrobatic maneuvers performed by Keyblade wielders. Suffice it to say that he doesn't get as much "air" as others may get. Aerial attack strings and commands are thus not his forte. In addition, while his damage output is decent, it is constrained by his inexperience with continuous physical attacking; he relied more heavily on his Personas' abilities in the higher floors of Tartarus. Thus his attack combos are currently constrained to three swings.

Mental: While Minato is an efficient field leader and can coordinate with others in battle, he doesn't have experience with actually planning missions and setting up objectives. He is also something of a creature of routine, never skipping school in his own world; once he has found a rhythm to his work, it will take others' interference to break him from his routine.

He has a tendency to zone out in public places, especially if he has his headphones. He also does not share much about himself, which may not be so much a mental weakness as it is a weakness in social situations.

Magical: After relying on the strengths of his Personas to repel and nullify certain magic spells aimed at him for so long, Minato has had trouble transitioning to the manual casting of Reflect/Barrier magic to block incoming magic.

Light, Darkness, or In-Between: In-between; having reached Messiah, his ultimate Persona, Minato has come to terms with his inner darkness. If not for the fact that Death leaves him halfway through the storyline, Minato may have been a candidate for 'Darkness' because of Death's presence.

He considered his jewel for the umpteenth time since finishing his training for the day. He rarely used it while in town, preferring to wander and run into acquaintances; it was fun and casual, and did not require the extra effort it would take to send out a proposal over the jewel communication system.

He turned the jewel in one hand contemplatively, flipping it one way and then the other. It was raining outside, meaning that it would be more difficult than usual to run into people. They would also be much more impatient, likely wanting to hurry to wherever they were originally heading. After another moment of internal debate, Minato set down the jewel, waiting for the keyboard to activate before typing in a message.

Anyone in Twilight Town want to eat lunch together?

- Minato

After sending out the transmission, Minato glanced around the shop he had ducked in to avoid the downpour. He kept his jewel in hand as he began to browse, waiting for the crystal to begin glowing with a received message. While he could be patient, his stomach would certainly complain in the mean time.
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